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[opensuse-packaging] Python packages naming rules

I wonder how python packages should be named as there are two
conflicting naming conventions.

As an example I am using the case of the python library/program
gogs-client, see the declined request [1]

First there are the generic naming guidelines which say that the dash
'-' must not be used "as the delimiter for name parts".[2] However it is
not very clear to be what name parts are in this context. Are "python"
and "gogs-client" name parts or are "gogs" and "client" name parts?

Then there is the more specific naming policy for python packages which
says the package must be called "python-$pypiname". It does not mention
any exceptions (at least I haven't found any). In the above example the
pypi's name is "gogs-client" and results in

I'd assumed that the more specific rule wins. However, do these two
rules interfere in some way? Or have the rules been changed?

When looking at existing packages I get the impression that the policy
for python packages is the active one (e.g. look at all the
"python(2|3)?-python.*" packages).



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