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[opensuse-packaging] Re: factory-auto says "Unknown tag: bad spec python-wheel.spec"
On 30.7.2017 01:48, Bruno Friedmann wrote:
error: line 21: Unknown tag: bad spec python-wheel.spec

Perhaps line 20 where you have
%{!?license: %global license %doc}
it would be better to move it up.

not the cause here though.

The error message is bad and I'll change it in the next python-rpm-macros
update, but

What it means is that the rewriter can't find the spec file.
factory-auto is doing this thing again where they check spec files that are NOT
called %{name}.spec,
or maybe they're in some unexpected path, I don't know.

CC for Jim and Ludwig, to whom I talked about this last time.
Guys, please tell me what exactly your factory bot is doing with specs, so that
I can expect this
and fix it in python-rpm-macros? Or where its code lives, so that I can take a
look for myself?


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