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Error building chef for SLES 11 (was: [opensuse-packaging] Basic question on ruby packaging and build ruby-dependent packages (chef))
Hi everyone,

On 02.05.17 21:11 Johannes Kastl wrote:

[documentation for packaging ruby and using the ruby macros]


I built ruby2.2 and ruby2.4 for SLES_11. I added rubygem-chef. I
tweaked the spec file, so that the BuildRequires for ruby now reads
BuildRequires: ruby2.2 >= 2.2.0
instead of
BuildRequires: %{ruby >= 2.2.0}

Now the build starts, but apparently the build is not aware of the
multiple ruby versions that exist. It installs the gem twice, once for
1.8.7 and once for 2.2.0. But then it finds unpackaged files, namely
the ones for 2.2.0.

(There is a very long delay during the builds, locally as well as on
OBS, where "gem install" is doing something using 100% CPU)

Is ruby1.8 just to old to know how to handle this?
=> I doubt it, because building the rubygem-gem2rpm package works fine.

Is there some difference in the spec file of rubygem-chef compared to
rubygem-gem2rpm, that causes this? (Although both build fine on
SLES_12 with ruby2.2. and ruby2.4).

Or is this a problem with the ruby1.8 rpm macros, that set %ruby to
"ruby" somehow (and thus are the cause for modifying the spec file)?

Could someone shed some light on how to solve such issues?

Thanks in advance.


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