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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Non-blocking %check

On Thu, 20 Apr 2017, Ruediger Meier wrote:

No, you don't see *the* results. You can see *some* results of different
binaries which were built using a different build script (spec file),
different BuildRequires and probably on a different build host.

While your arguments are valid and true in the fullest generic sense, in
the particular case we're talking about here (and in fact for most such
cases) it's moot. The binaries _are_ the same, so the tests are valid.

And while it is also true that it would be even nicer if more packages
would support installed testing, that's something for upstream to solve
usually. (Sometimes you can get away with running make check with the
appropriate setting of various makefile variables). But it would also be
nicer if I had a pink zombie pony; alas it is not so.

So, for the time being, and with the realities we're working in, and
considering that some packages are in fact in the critical path and hence
create a _real_ problem when they build for a long time, the %-testsuite
extra .spec files are the sensible work around. The other realistic
work-around would be to not run the testsuite at all, and that would be

To fix that we could add a subpackage providing the whole original build
directory and install this later (at QA time) to run the missing check

True, that would work as well. It would also create many new extremely
large binary packages nobody except automatic testers would use. If it
actually solves any problem we in reality have is doubtful.

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