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Re: [opensuse-packaging] python singlespec: how to convert your package
On Tue, 2017-02-28 at 14:23 +0100, jan matejek wrote:
On 28.2.2017 12:31, Thomas Bechtold wrote:

On Fri, 2017-02-17 at 18:31 +0100, jan matejek wrote:
7. If you are using update-alternatives, remove them.
Instead mark the executable as %python3_only:
%python3_only %{_bindir}/yourbinary
In most cases, we only need one version of the executable. If the
purpose of the tool is, e.g., reading EXIF metadata, we don't
care if
python 2 or 3 reads them. (And the library files are still

Why? What if I only want the py2 version (including only the py2
dependencies)? Having the "binary" only shipped in the py3 package
means that I need all python3 packages installed.

Why would you want "only the py2 version?"

There is a product called SUSE OpenStack Cloud and that uses only
python2 . And we don't want to add (and maintain) all the python3
versions for a huge dependency list just because some binaries need the
py3 version.

if it's a tool for which python is an implementation detail, you
not care* which version of python it is using.

The point of this is gradually moving towards python3-as-default.
should mean that after enough packages are converted, the typical
installation will only have a Python 3 stack, not a Python 2 one.

In the meantime, you will need both, which is impractical, but it
better than doing a big switch-flip and mass-changing every "python-
to "python3-*". Also IIRC this (having both stacks) is already the
because of some stacks (KDE, also GNOME i think?) moving to python 3.

OTOH, If it actually matters which python version you're using, then
course you keep both and optionally provide update-alternatives.
what the addendum to this point says.

The question is what we want to recommend. I stumbled over this while I
started to create a py2pack spec template for the single spec


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