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[opensuse-packaging] Python single-spec: it's starting
Dear packagers,

another long e-mail from me :)

today I started submitting singlespec packages to d:l:py, and from there
to Factory. This will start from the dependency root, which means
python-setuptools and python-six go first, then various things like
pytest, mock, urllib3 and requests, and so on.

This means several things for you, most important of which is:

1. renamed RPMs for Python 2

In Factory, all the generated rpms will be "python2-modname" instead of
Each package will provide/obsolete "python-modname", so this should be
completely transparent for builds and users alike.

Currently released distributions will not be affected.

When building old-style packages, you might run into problems such as:
"have choice for python-six required by python-setuptools: python-six
For d:l:py, i will be resolving these with Prefer: configuration in
prjconf, and I'll try to get the problematic packages into Factory asap
(when "python-setuptools.rpm" disappears from Factory, this error goes
away). Still, this will cause some build failures while the transition
to new-style is ongoing. Wait it out -- or go ahead and convert your
package to singlespec style :)

2. No more SLE11 support (for real this time)

I will try to ensure that setuptools and six build for SLE11. This might
very well fail (no noarch, no python3) and I won't care -- in d:l:py at
In other packages, I will be actively removing SLE11 compatibility hacks
as part of the conversion.
IIUC, packages that are already built should remain available if build
is disabled. So this only means that SLE11 will not get updates.

As discussed some months ago, I am also turning off building SLE11 by
default -- again, this should mean that current versions are still
available but no new versions are built.
Reenable your package if you want it in SLE11.

If there is interest, we could develop a "python-rpm-macros-compat"
package with workarounds for SLE11, maybe even implement noarch support.

3. d:l:python3 merge

New-style packages build for python 2 and 3 at the same time.
So devel:languages:python3 will be going away. During the transition,
d:l:py is going to become the master repository, and we'll have to check
that it has good versions of packages that are currently in d:l:py3.

4. non-python-* packages

Packages that are not called "python-*" will not be affected for now.
I'll be looking into them later.

4. bugs

Inevitably, there will be problems. File them as bugs or send an e-mail
(possibly as a reply to this one)


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