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Re: [opensuse-packaging] RFC: moving from separate users to user monitoring for everything

Am Montag, 16. Januar 2017, 12:03:33 CET schrieb Lars Vogdt:

According to my latest experience with reviews, a 3 character
user/group name is considered too short => mon will not get accepted.

The reason behind this is probably to avoid collisions with "real" user

IIRC there was a discussion about a username policy for packages some
years ago, and one of the ideas was to enforce that (new) system users
and groups should always start with an underscore, for example
"_monitoring". However, the user list in rpmlint looks like this policy
was never honored, and I'm not even sure if it left the proposal stage.

While I can understand your idea of combining the daemon names in the
future name for the user/group, I suspect that this will not make
the use-case of these user/group really clear to our customers. That's
why I suggested "monitoring"...

Right, "monitoring" is much better than a cryptic insider joke ;-)

Besides that, we'd have to update "insmon" to something like "insymon"
if someone creates a "yet another monitoring" fork of nagios ;-)

The interesting part is the other way: nagios/icinga can provide
performance data for 3rd party packages to process them. But if the
Nagios process is not able to write the data into the defined
directory of the 3rd party package (because the default user might be
icinga and not nagios), that's bad. So someone has to add the
nagios/icinga/shinken/... user to a 3rd party group.

Or the 3rd party packages have to use the "monitoring" group for those
directories, which might be the easier solution.

The directory names are also an interesting point
(/var/{lib,log}/icinga vs. /var/{lib,log}/nagios as example), where
I'm currently unsure how to handle them. From a first view, keeping
them as they are might be the best solution.

But we should in general think about /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ - the
standard installation place for all "monitoring plugins" at the
moment. If we are correct, those plugins should go into something
like /usr/lib/monitoring/plugins in the future - maybe with a symlink
to the old place for a couple of years?

This would also mean that the plugins _have to_ be compatible with all
monitoring tools (nagios/incinga/whatever). Are they?

=> time to start a "monitoring cleanup round" ;-)

Will you do this before or after the progress.o.o cleanup? ;-)
I did quite some ticket cleanup and sorting in the last days, but I'm
OOP [1] to continue with several of them.


Christian Boltz

[1] Out Of Permissions - and no, I won't tell you about the missing
permissions to avoid I have to do everything ;-))
Das 42te Gebot des Usernetzes besagt: "Du sollst nicht süchtig siggen
eines Süchtigen Signatur. Auf das du selber nicht siggsüchtig werdest."
Wahrscheinlich wird das jetzt wieder gesiggt. [WoKo in dag°]

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