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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Re: How can I find the python package to satisfy a missing python script dependency?

Am Montag, 9. Januar 2017, 15:47:27 CET schrieb jan matejek:
On 9.1.2017 11:00, Dave Plater wrote:
The script with this header works on my local machine but fails in
obs, how can I find the python package that provides
xml.etree.ElementTree :

import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
I don't think there is a general tool to do this. It might be worth
writing one for situations where you're looking for a package that you
don't have installed. There's some work in Fedora that I'm looking to
adopt, to automatically figure out pythonic dependencies.

There is a very generic tool that might help - pin ;-)

First, get ARCHIVES.gz for your openSUSE version, for example
and save it in /var/lib/pin/

Then run
pin 'xml.etree.ElementTree.*py'
and pin will grep for that in ARCHIVES.gz.

Note that the actual path actually contains xml/etree/ or
xml/etree/ElementTree/, which is why I proposed to use ".*py"
and not just ".py". (Of course, you can search without the ".*py", but
that might give you false positives.) Also, the dots are actually
slashes, but a regex-dot matches any char which makes things a bit
easier ;-)


Christian Boltz
Woher soll Wine denn wissen, welches Programm Du aufrufen willst? Das
BRAIN (I know what you are thinking) Interface fehlt bei Linux leider
noch und ich persönlich steh auch nicht so drauf, mir Kabel in den
Schädel zu stecken. [Philipp Zacharias in suse-linux]

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