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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Extensions for specification of application binary/programming interfaces?
From the top of my head I remember that we had problems with the
results in one product as the debug information created by gcc was
sometimes not quite correct so we got false positives.

Would you like to reduce or even avoid the dependency on
DWARF debug information then?

The implementation of abi-compliance-checker is fragile as it relies
on parsing output from readelf etc. Also, it loads the full data
into RAM so huge packages like libreoffice can make it run OOM.

Are there any more software development challenges to consider?

A fundamental problem with only looking at the debug information is
that one can't know whether a symbol or structure is part of a
public or private API. So some libraries produce false positives.
The abi-compliance-checker author also offers a method to evaluate
the public headers in order to filter out private symbols. That
requires recompiling the software though which is not so straight
forward to do in a review bot.

Does such information point any details out which are interesting
for further consideration?

The reports abi-compliance-checker creates are quite nice though.

Are there any plans to integrate such tools into the Open Build Service
in a more convenient way?

How similar are the involved data structures (or XML data type

I didn't look into libabigail so I can't tell.

How do you think about to improve the desired clarification of
software dependencies by a discussion of a topic like fine-tuning
for data structure designs?

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