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Aw: Re: [opensuse-packaging] Extensions for specification of application binary/programming interfaces?
  • From: "SF Markus Elfring" <elfring@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 16:56:56 +0100
  • Message-id: <trinity-9bdb15c0-5298-4bc2-820d-a9c617657415-1453564616686@3capp-webde-bap07>
Automatic generation of tags based upon the ABI
-- basically the srcmd5 fingerprint approach I suggested.

Can this information be queried as a RPM capability?

That makes no sense.


You need to work on your grammar.

Would you like to explain this feedback a bit more?

How do you think about to describe data around the requirements of ABIs and
for various software libraries and their users a bit more explicitly
(instead of encoding such information often in a main version number)?

This is already being practised in case you have not noticed.

To which practice do you refer here?

Have you got another aspect for further clarification in mind eventually?

How should the available and really usable versions be determined for
application programming interfaces which will fit to a selected
application binary interface of a needed component?

That is a different category, which does not visibly happen in practice,
and which is unrelated to the three bugreports mentioned earlier.

How is the software packaging situation different here?

It is not.

Which difference did you see in the category then?

How are the chances to improve the corresponding data processing?


How will the evolution of "software fingerprint" measurements affect the
desired dependency resolution?

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