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[opensuse-packaging] Re: Texlive: where these strings come from?
On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 04:38:28PM +0800, Marguerite Su wrote:

I updated texlive 2015, and it builds fine.

now I have TWO things that I can't understand:

1. In its specfile:

%define texlive_version 2015
%define texlive_previous 2014
%define texlive_release 20150521
%define texlive_noarch 97
%define texlive_source texlive-20150521-source
Version: %{texlive_version}.%{texlive_release}
Release: 0

But the generated RPMs looked like this:


I think the "-20120597" prefix for release number comes from nowhere.

I grep everywhere from its package source (tarball,patches, specfile,
changelog), there's even no "201205" existing.

Where can I find and change it?

2. %package a2ping-bin
Version: %{texlive_version}.%{texlive_release}.svn27321

the "svn27321".

As I know, the textlive-20150521-source doesn't have any .svn
directory or file telling which svn the source is.

What's more interesting, different sub-packages have different svn numbers :-(

Where does these svn numbers come from?

See package Meta from Publishing:TeXLive. There the perl script is which
the package texlive and its meta packages (scheme, collection), as well as the
texlive-filesystem, and at last but not least all other packages. The script
generate requires some subdirectories (basesystem, filesystem, packages, mnt,
and targets)
as well as the texlive.tlpdb.xz file for TeXLive 2015 and all tar balls for
TeXLive 2015
(the checksums in texlive.tlpdb.xz and the packages should be the same).

Also there should be avfsd and fusermount installed to use the generate script.
because the generate script scans for dependencies on the fly by mounting the
tar balls of all packages below packages/

I've the full snapshot of texlive/texmf/archive/ of the TEXLive 2015 tree here
well as the texlive.tlpdb.xz and texlive-20150521-source.tar.xz



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