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Re: [opensuse-packaging] heads-up: dropping SLE11 compatibility in d:l:python and python3
Darin Perusich wrote:
Finally, while SLE_11 may no longer be a priority for SUSE since
SLE_12's release, it will be supported by SUSE until 2019 or 2022. I
think it's safe to assume people will continue running it and
utilizing the public build service for SLE_11 packages which are not
distributed with it, or are so old they want/need newer releases.

Whatever enterprise Linux you're using you have to be prepared to only receive
updates of existing packages maintained by the vendor in its enterprise repo.
The vendor will usually not add new packages and will usually only back-port
small changes to existing packages.

So the main objective of any enterprise Linux is to keep old software running
while especially providing security updates. If you need significant upgrades
of software packages you usually have to consider an upgrade of your
enterprise Linux.

I think the IMHO understandable intention of the original poster was to reduce
the amount of work needed for adding/maintaining packages in development repos
usually targeted for newer distribution releases.

Given the growing differences (e.g. because of systemd etc.) you cannot expect
package maintainers to keep all new bleeding edge things working for SLES11 in
development repos until 2019 or 2022. The amount of work for this would just
be crazy and therefore keep away people from starting serious upgrade work.

Ciao, Michael.

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