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Re: [opensuse-packaging] heads-up: dropping SLE11 compatibility in d:l:python and python3
On 23 February 2015 at 14:40, Jan Matějek <jmatejek@xxxxxxx> wrote:
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I'll be disabling builds for SLE11 in the following repositories:
The SLE11 repository will not be removed; if you *want* to build for SLE11,
you can explicitly enable it for your package.

I have also already started declining requests to these repos that contain
SLE11 compatibility conditionals (%if %suse_version < 1230 or lower). This
only applies to newly-added conditionals, and new package submits: If you're
only updating a package that already has this in the spec file, the request
will be accepted.
I'll still accept requests with conditionals, IF you ask for it in the request
message; our goal is simply to make this an exception and not the default.
(Fellow d:l:py reviewers, please consider adopting this policy too.)
The py2pack tool currently generates some compatibility conditionals like
this, i'll try to get it updated so that a newly generated spec will be

In other words, feel free to submit packages that don't build on SLE11.



I'm not going to comment on the merits (or lack thereof) of this
decision, but I am compelled to comment on one aspect of this

(Fellow d:l:py reviewers, please consider adopting this policy too.)

We're a community. And for that community, the various groups within
it need to work together. That requires communication and
consultation. Based on the above quoted line, it seems you are
arbitrarily making a decision regarding d:l:py without consulting your
colleagues who also review d:l:py

The userlist of d:l:py suggests there are 8 other individuals besides
yourself who should have been involved in a decision like this before
any announcement like this should have been made.

If you've decided to do this on your own, without consulting *at
least* your colleagues in that development group (ideally major
changes with a wide impact should also be discussed with wider
community before actions are taken) then I consider this announcement
invalid, inappropriate, madness, and I could probably use stronger

Please clarify whether this announcement is a formal agreed upon
decision of the current maintainers of devel:languages:python and

If it is not, then please synchronise your practices with your fellow
maintainers before making any announcements.


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