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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Patches naming (include source version?)
* Dne Středa 4. únor 2015, 06:41:02 [CET] Michal Kubecek napsal:
On Wednesday 04 of February 2015 01:39:59 Kyrill Detinov wrote:

I remember, there was an instruction to name patches versioning. I
can't find the source now.
"Do NOT use %{version} macro in Patch: line, specify the version by
hand." — it looks alternative: either "%{version}" or version [by

I always understood this rather as "if you want to include version in
patch name, use a fixed string, not %{version} macro", i.e. not telling
you to include version but how to do it if you decide to.

I'm not sure here. A quick investigation shows:

My guess is this is mostly a relict of old days when one often had
multiple sources unpacked in one SOURCES directory so that naming all
patches and sources prefixed with package name was a useful trick to
avoid collision and distinguish which package does the patch belong to.

There was also sometimes a guideline that the version number in the
patch should indicate the tarball version against which was the patch

Vita Cizek
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