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RE: [opensuse-packaging] Re: RPM in openSUSE 13.1
You started this whole thing with a *private* email to me and mls,
(whereever you got the idea from that one of us two could or may help
you - failing cowardly to go the easy and obvious way to help yourself
to one of openSUSE's mailing lists), so IMHO you got already more help
than one ever could have expected with such an approach.

I am sorry, I did not want to start a flame, what I am trying to do is to solve
a very specific issue which I only experience with openSUSE, which is probably
generated by the lack of the multiarch package support, due to package's name
convention non multiarch friendly.
Everything else, like: "Why Skype does not support 64-bit" or "Why you need
that library" is for me off-topic. We can discuss them if you want, but won't
change my initial question, will only delay the answer and create useless
"noise" and waste even more my time and your spare time.
Unluckily I don't agree with you, help on the specific issue came, but does not
seem to solve my problem, probably because I did not explain myself clearly
enough, I am not blaming you on this. But the fact is: I did not get a proper
answer to my specific question.
Where I got the idea of the initial email addresses? Simple: you are listed in
the changelog of openSUSE's rpm package, I am so sorry it was the wrong place
to look at, but I had to start somewhere.

To be honest to you, I think you should be more grateful to people
helping you in their *spare time*.

And yes, I am greateful you are trying to help me in your free time, but I am
also regretful when the time is wasted on unrelated topics.
If openSUSE community is however not interested in a fully working
out-of-the-box openSUSE rpm package then we may think to remove support for it
and be happy with Fedora's RPM package which seems much easier to produce for


Linux UI team, Skype
UI developer

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