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RE: [opensuse-packaging] Re: RPM in openSUSE 13.1
There are many ways, you just have to decide what matches your case the

Another approach may look like the following:

1) check, if you're building on x86_64 etc.

I am always building on x86-32. In fact Skype is 32-bit only software. I think
I mentioned this before, but worth mentioning again.

2) if the above AND building on SUSE, Require: alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit
3) if not on SUSE nor 64bit, always use the 'normal' package name

%ifarch x86_64 amd64 ia32e
%if 0%{suse_version}
Requires: alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit
Requires: alsa-plugins-pulse(x86-32)

Easy and straightforward, don't you think?

Is this going to be in the .spec file when building the RPM? If yes, doesn't
seem to solve my problem at all, since %ifarch x86_64 amd64 ia32e is going to
be always false and then it will always require alsa-plugins-pulse(x86-32),
which fails then to install on 64-bit openSUSE.
As previously said I need to have ONE single RPM, created by ONE single build
machine (32-bit openSUSE), that works for all openSUSE out there (forget about
Fedora right now, that RPM is going to be built on a different machine).
Rather this seems to be the solution in case we would build TWO different RPM
packages from TWO different openSUSE build machines, one for x86-32 and one for
One more time: I am lacking to understand how to create a MULTIARCH single RPM
package that pulls the same 32-bit package on both openSUSE 32 and 64-bit.

So either I am lacking to understand your solution or I explained my point in a
non clear way. Hope you can clarify.
And thank you to everyone is trying to solve my problem in your spare time.


Linux UI team, Skype
UI developer

see & chat: marco
write: marco.cimmino@xxxxxxxxx

From: Aeneas Jaißle [aj@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2014 3:09 PM
To: opensuse-packaging@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Marco Cimmino Gibellini
Subject: RE: [opensuse-packaging] Re: RPM in openSUSE 13.1

Am 2014-01-16 20:50, schrieb Marco Cimmino Gibellini:
Hi again,
I am honest with you, I am not really interested in internal
discussions, nor you telling me how I should code or not code. Since
Skype does NOT make calls on openSUSE 13.1 64-bit out of the box, I
need to address this issue pulling the right dependencies to make this

I am asking a simple question I think and I did not get a specific
answer or maybe I got lost with the too many of them.
Is there a way in openSUSE to create ONE single RPM that is MULTIARCH,
like all the major distributions allows since ~2012, that pulls a
SPECIFIC package at 32-bit, regardless the running openSUSE arch
This package is indeed: alsa-plugins-pulse(x86-32)

So far I tried many ways and either works for 32-bit only or 64-bit,
it does not work for both or sometimes it failed to work at all.
Someone else suggested to depend on a specific library name, don't
like too much this approach, seems just a workaround and may break
with library's name change in the future, but if it is the only way
ok, is this going to work?


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