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[opensuse-packaging] Upcoming changes to Enlightenment (e16, e17, e18) + libraries, Includes package add remove and rename
Hi All,
before everyone heads off for Christmas / summer / winter breaks, i'd like to give a heads up of some changes coming to openSUSE:factory over the next few weeks we will try to limit breakages however some temporary issues may be unavoidable.
Firstly the existing enlightenment package will be removed and replaced with one called e16, this is the only change for e16 users i'll get back to whats happening with the enlightenment package in a little bit.

The biggest change will be to the enlightenment foundation libraries (efl) used by e17, e18 and terminology. As of efl 1.8 all the components of the efl with the exception of elementary are shipped as one source tar and are built together as such we have added one new package efl and will be removing the following packages, eina, eet, evas, eio, emotion, efreet, e_dbus, embryo, edje and eeze.

As not all the extra modules / themes are available with e18 and because it requires compositing to be enabled we have had some requests to keep e17 around. For now we will be keeping e17 pretty much as is but probably at version 0.17.6 instead of 0.17.3 unless it is found unusable by a number of people, it will also build from the new efl package rather then the older split libraries.

Enlightenment e18 will be built in the enlightenment package, this is because upstream have indicated they would like to do a new release at least every year possibly less and i don't want to change the package name that often. I will try and come up with a way for e17.3 in 13.1 to automaticlly update to the new enlightenment e18 package that doesn't ask people who are using e17.6 from 13.2 to update, if someone could help with that it would be great, i don't know how to do it.

Previously themes were named e-theme-* and modules e-module-* as themes and modules need to be built against the right version of enlightenment the package naming will change to e17-module-* and e17-theme-* for e17 and enlightenment-module-* and enlightenment-theme-*, e17 users who use terminology will also need both the e17 and enlightenment theme as e18 and later themes are used by the libraries as well

Currently we don't plan to keep e18 around when e19 etc come out like we have with e16 and e17.

Summary of changes:
Stage 1 (Basics):
* Add efl
* replace existing enlightenment package with e16)
Stage 2 (core components)
* Update elementary, terminology and e17 to use efl rather then older libs.
* add new enlightenment package
Stage 3 (everything else)
* replace / add modules, themes and branding
* update other packages i forgot about.
* remove old libraries

Almost all the changes have already been made in the X11:Enlightenment:Factory

Thanks for your time

Simon (Simotek)

Maintainer for enlightenment on openSUSE

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