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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Re: New OBS notification mails

Am Montag, 16. Dezember 2013 schrieb Stephan Kulow:
Our current thinking goes in the way of what github is using:
"watch" and "mute", i.e. have a simplified way to specify projects and
packages you watch even if not maintainer and projects and packages
you are maintainer of but don't want mails for.

"watch" just rung a bell for me - I'd like to have a way to "watch" a SR
(and get notifications about it - similar to how CC in bugzilla works).

Ideally this watch should include the forward-to-factory SR if it's
directly submitted while accepting the original SR.

Usecase 1: I want to submit a package to factory, but it depends on
another package (which already has a pending SR to factory).
Now I'd like to watch the SR of the other package and get notified when
it's accepted - afterwards I can send a SR for my package. [1]

Usecase 2: Someone mentions a (for me) critical bug on the ML, with the
fix already SR'd to factory. Now I want to get notified when the SR was
accepted, so that I can safely update to the latest factory.

Usecase 3 (for the "ideally" part): I submit a fix to the devel project,
and want to know when the fix arrives in factory.

Note: Even if my examples explicitely mention accepted SRs, I also want
a notification on reviews and denied SRs.


Christian Boltz

[1] the perfect solution for this usecase would be dependencies between
SRs ("Requires: SR 1234 accepted") - but that would be
overengeneered IMHO ;-)
Seriously, this is a bad time to leave users without xsnow!
I'll bring my kids over to you to complain! ;-)
I'd be willing to maintain this essential package.
[Stefan Seyfried in opensuse-factory]

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