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Re: [opensuse-packaging] factory-auto will start checking bnc# visibility
Le Friday 22 November 2013 à 16:57 +0100, Ruediger Meier a écrit :
On Friday 22 November 2013, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Again, just removing information does not help anyone and will have
bad impact on the workforce in openSUSE Factory.

Hm, seems you cannot understand this because you _have_ access. From my
point of view we wouldn't remove any information if we remove those
dead links.

Imagine a wikipedia where companies would add nice informations but
references are private links to private sites. This is only no problem
if you belong to that company.

BTW how other companies are doing this? Does Oracle also post
cryptic/private references on their published Java release notes? I
don't think so. But I'm sure that they also track additional private
stuff somewhere else. It is possible and should be done that way.

Red Hat for example has exactly the same problem, see for example:

which references:

which is private. I asked for access as I was working on the same bug on
SLES11 SP2/3 and I was denied access. I was told that access to the bug
would not give me any useful information anyway, and the patch
description was indeed good enough so I did not really need to access
the bug.

In that case I think the error was to mention a private link in a public
commit while it was not needed at all. Opening the bug was not an option
for Red Hat and creating a public copy of the bug would have been a
waste of resources. With a good description, you need no external

Jean Delvare
Suse L3 Support

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