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Re: [opensuse-packaging] factory-auto will start checking bnc# visibility
On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 11:32:54AM -0500, Robert Schweikert wrote:
However, I believe there is a way forward, and here is my proposal:

1.) Modify bugzilla such that the initial description cannot be marked
as "Private".
+ This ensures, so one would hope, no sensitive data will be posted
to the initial description
+ This also ensures that going forward bugs are public

Consider L3 bugs which are private by policy. They are opened by NTS
guys who sometimes have no idea about the problem in which case they
copy and paste the e-mail they get from the customer - which is in such
case much better than trying to rephrase the description.

If we force the "initial comment must be public" policy by technical
means, I'm afraid the result may be that we will have a lot of bugs with
either public initial comment containing non-public information (so that
we can never make the bug public) or just a formal initial comment not
describing the problem at all (and the real description in Comment 1).

Another problem are TP-L3 bugs which are opened by people from other
companies who now expect their comments to be seen only by us and by
them. If your proposition was accepted, we would have to explain to all
of them that their initial description would become public one day and
that they have to keep that in mind. And hope that all of them will.
I don't believe this is going to work.

Yes, I admit that facing the idea of having to go through all the
comments (sometimes even few hundred of them) and attachments every time
I close a bug and to fix their visibility is not very appealing to me.
But I will cope with it if I have to. However, the problem with enforced
public initial comment potentially containing non-public information is
something we must take into account.

And we should also keep in mind that it's actually neither OpenSuSE
bugzilla nor SuSE bugzilla. It's Novell bugzilla we just share with
them. So either the feature would have to be limited to (Open)SuSE
products (which is not easy because sometimes it's not clear from the
start whom does the bug belong to) or Novell would have to agree with it.

Michal Kubeček

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