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Re: [opensuse-packaging] factory-auto will start checking bnc# visibility
Hi Tomas,
I think this is really bad step. It force SUSE developers to have
separate changelogs for SLE and openSUSE projects. Consider current
1) we get bug report from paying customer who attach confidential data
or want to keep problem private as it can indicate his bussiness plans.
2) we found bug and fix it
3) update for SLE is released. Some customers checks BNC in changelog
to ensure that their problem is really fixed.
4) current way if we found that problem affect also opensuse, then
we fix it there and use same changelog entry, so we can see if problem
is fixed also in opensuse. If your proposal start acting then we cannot
use same changelog entry and it makes really hard to check if we
port fix to openSUSE. Opening separate bug report just for opensuse
seems like adding another obstacle for developers.

I see what you want to fix, but this way it is really bad way and
probably end up in deleting all BNCs in changelog for factory (so
instead of list of bugs we fix it ends up with line like "port fixes
from SLE"). Better solution even if it is not so easy to force is to
ensure that changelog entry is good enough even without BNC that is not


On Thu, 21 Nov 2013 15:59:53 +0100
Tomáš Chvátal <tchvatal@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello guys,

Just informational mail that we plan to enable bnc# checking in the
changelogs to ensure that Factory submissions are in fact only
listing visible bugs. [1] [2]

The code is set-up the way it checks the changelog and reports back
with all occurances of bugs that were not visible (it ignores the bnc
if bugzilla does not respond, so no worries if it is down, everything
is approved :P).

Your actions if cases like this happen are quite simple:
1) make the initial bug visible and mark the internal comments as
internal. 2) if not sure ask somebody who knows more to do it for you.

As I wrote there in the code [2] it checks the full new changelog in
case some bnc should not be there we don't get conflicts when
comparing just diff. So you might get request to make really old bugs
visible. It is a tiny annoyance but then we ensure that all
informations about our fixes can be really read by anybody.



PS: feel free to improv perl in [2] as I am not exactly mage there :)

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