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Re: [opensuse-packaging] FoxitReader (non free)
Well, the mere fact that it was not updated since 2009 is not a problem. There
are many other tools in OpenSUSE or on OBS that do not experience changes or
updates for a couple of years because they simply work fine and without
security problems!

Also it is not immediately obvious that the age of Foxit cause the same
security issues as Adobe officially abandoning support for its Reader.

On the other hand, FoxittReader does provide parts of the functionally that is
lost due to the drop of acroread. That is the reason I mentioned it as a
possible alternative.

But I will take it off OBS and have it for personal use. No problem at all! ;-)

I also do understand that including an aged, non-free alternative for a dropped
non-free software is not the best/preferred way to move forward! But for the
average user, FoxitReader could bridge the gap until a functionally equivalent
open source PDF viewer becomes available. That was the reason this post...

Best regards,
J Brauchle

On 09.11.2013, at 19:34, "Cristian Rodríguez" <crrodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

El 10/11/13 00:26, Joschi Brauchle escribió:
Yes, I read and understood that part, thus I disabled build publishing after
I was done with the spec file.

The point is that there is a possibility for openSUSE to acquire permission
to redistribute!

Why should openSUSE acquire permission to distribute something that has not
been updated since 2009 ?

"Judging by their response, the meanest thing you can do to people on the
Internet is to give them really good software for free". - Anil Dash
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