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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Changelog: Reference github issues or pull requests
Am 13.06.2013 12:46, schrieb Adam Spiers:
Johannes Weberhofer (jweberhofer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
Am 13.06.2013 11:33, schrieb Johannes Weberhofer:
there is a quite impressive list of abbreviations to link to tickets of
different system;

As there is a growing number of tools which come from github, it would be great
to have the possibility to reference the bugs; unfortunately they don't offer
system-wide IDs but project specific IDs...

Is there any plan how to handle this?

Best regards,

maybe something like gh#fail2ban/fail2ban/pull/249 or
gh#fail2ban/fail2ban/issues/243 ?

It would be better if it was at least partially consistent with
github's own cross-referencing system, which for the above examples
would be:


However we would still need a prefix to identify the github namespace,
so maybe something like this?


This would be very good to have.


Johannes Weberhofer
Weberhofer GmbH, Austria, Vienna
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