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Re: [opensuse-packaging] How to proceed when upstream bundles prohibited sofware
In article <13070722.1PDs8778KL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Adrian Schröter
<adrian@xxxxxxx> writes:

Adrian> Am Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013, 14:50:20 schrieb
Adrian> toganm@xxxxxxxxxxxx:
>> >>>>> In article <51B857C9.5060808@xxxxxxx>, Ludwig Nussel
Adrian> <ludwig.nussel@xxxxxxx> writes:
Ludwig> It might be sufficient to put an rm -r in the spec file and
Ludwig> clearly document there that with this you are removing the
Ludwig> offending code so there is absolutely no way for it to end
Ludwig> up in the binary package. As additional safeguard you could
Ludwig> also add some additional grepping on the binaries after make
Ludwig> install and fail the build if the offending code somehow
Ludwig> sneaked in nevertheless. With those measurements it might be
Ludwig> acceptable for legal while still adhering to the pristine
Ludwig> source principle.
>> This approach makes more sense, though I will get clarification
>> from legal if they are happy with this approach.

Adrian> sure, that approach is much better.

Adrian> However, I thought you speak about cases where even the
Adrian> source tar ball must not allow these files. In this case the
Adrian> src.rpm still contains the original source tar ball.

You are right that is the case since the code in question is patented.
The bugzilla is I do
not know if you would be able to see it.

Adrian> But if that is acceptable (depends on your legal issue) it
Adrian> is definitive the best way.

If it is OK by legal this is the way I would proceed, if not I'll let
the list know and see how can I find a solution that makes everyone


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