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Re: [opensuse-packaging] The ROOT framework packages
Hi Thomas,

splitting root into subpackages it may make sense from the point of view of
the developers and edge users...
the mainstream user wants the things just installed and does not care about
these subtleties...

I propose you to create a binary package eg root, -devel, -doc and -examples
if any...
what is important with root would be to have all or almost all the
capabilities on at build time and installed.

* shlib-policy-missing-lib
this we can solve later. it is useful if one want different versions of the lib
installed in parallel...



On Sun 25 Nov 2012 11:03:26 Thomas Zimmermann wrote:
I'm working on packaging the ROOT analysis framework, and need some
advices. The package is currently located in the science project:

The special thing about root is that it contains a C interpreter, cint.
Therefore root needs all the header files of the framework librarys to run.

I don't know how I should add these depencies on the devel packages.
The libraries itself do not depend on the devel package, and the root-bin
package also does not depend on the devel packages. But when a library is
installed cint needs the corresponding -devel package of this library to
use it.
I think making every library depend on its devel package is not so nice,
but in principle this is what is needed...

Another thing are dependencies between devel packages. Because some header
files include header files from other librarys one needs also the other
library and devel package to be used by with cint.
Is it possible to resolve such dependencies an automatical way? Doing this
by hand will be a lot of work...

And perhaps you can give me a hint about the root-ttf package. This package
will most probably not pass the legal review, because it conains Microsoft
fonts. Fedora uses a package that loads the fonts from the root ftp server
on installation, but this is not allowed with the build service...

And when someone can give me some hints about resolving some of these
rpmlint warnings I would be happy:
* unstripped-binary-or-object
* shlib-policy-missing-lib
* devel-file-in-non-devel-package (These files are required by cint, and
therefore can not go in a devel package)

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