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Re: [opensuse-packaging] openSUSE Packaging Guidelines Update
On Wednesday 07 November 2012 10:13:18 Andreas Jaeger wrote:
3) Documenting changes in packages

The openSUSE review team is now also enforcing proper documenting
changes in packages:

First, the .changes entry (rpm changelog) surves two purposes:
- News for the user
- History tracking of packaging changes (often referenced in bugs to
verify if a user has the latest packaging bugfixes).

3.1) Information about updates
A simple "Update to version x.y.z" is, as before, not
accepted. There should be some buzz around the update for the user;
some major reasons to the upgrade should be listed.

Changes on the package itself should be mentioned in a way that any
other contributor to the same package can follow traces of why
something is the way it is. Commonly, Added (build)dependencies are
interesting to be seen, special hacks to make something work in a
particular way [..]: Always consider that package maintenance is a
distributed task and various contributors need to be able to step up
at will.
Hi Andreas,

Maybe you could give some examples of what is accepted and not ? I had a
discussion last night with Dominique (DimStar) on this with regards to the KDE
4.9.3 upgrade. The only information that is available is a webpage where the
bugfix release is announced
( In the changelog I am
mentioning the link.

Is this enough or is a more detailed log of the changes per package required ?
In that case I am afraid that we are no longer able to ship KDE updates as
that this would cost too much time to dive into git repositories to see what
exactly has changed and what not.



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