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[opensuse-packaging] Re: How to detect package's version in specfile?
On Fri, 2 Nov 2012 06:14, Marguerite Su <i@...> wrote:

在 2012-11-1 下午11:37,"Guido Berhoerster" <gber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>写道:

PS: Guido, is "s|\\..*$||" regression? I asked around on gtalk, but no
one knows such regex style...can you explain it a little bit?

Not sure what you mean, it's just a BRE, the double backslash is
needed there because rpmbuild also interprets backslashes.

What is BRE?
BRE = Basic Regular Expression (e.g. "grep -G", or sed w/o "-r")
ERE = Extended Regular Expression (e.g. "grep -E" or "sed -r")
PRE = Perl Regular Expression (e.g. "grep -P" or pcregrep)

and yes, in combination with rpmbuild that can be confusing
(as already said: rpmbuild 'eats' single backslashes)

-- Yamaban
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