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On Sun, 28 Oct 2012 08:09, EGD <egdfree@...> wrote:

On 27 октября 2012 20:22:16 Yamaban wrote:

If the root of the troubles is not in the toolchain (inc. java), are
the sources of the manual encoded right? (ONLY UTF8 should be allowed)

The ONE time I had trouble with 64bit and no trouble with 32bit, was
caused by wrong Byte-Order-Marks in UTF16 encoded files, that where
ignored by the tools used.

enca log

Thanks for the log, the lines with:

- Doubly-encoded to UTF-8 from ISO-8859-5,
- Mixed line terminators,
- Unrecognized encoding,
- Surrounded by/intermixed with non-text data,

are the candidates for trouble.

The XML spec calls for a declarative header UTF8, esp. "Unrecognized encoding" should never happen.

"Double encoding" is just bad, cleanup is advised.

"Mixed line terminators" is bad form, but most
tools can handle that.

"Surrounded by/intermixed with non-text data" ???
Please cleanup, maybe even per hand.

-- Yamaban.
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