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[opensuse-packaging] Rpmlint warnings or false positives

In clean up process of librep package of X11:windowmanagers, rpmlint
produces these warnings

The branched package lives in

librep.x86_64: W: shlib-policy-nonversioned-dir /usr/share/rep
librep.x86_64: W: shlib-policy-nonversioned-dir /usr/lib64/rep
librep.x86_64: W: shlib-policy-nonversioned-dir

Your shared library package contains non-versioned directories. Those
will not allow to install multiple versions of the package in parallel.

librep.x86_64: W: shlib-policy-excessive-dependency
Your package starts with 'lib' as part of its name, but also contains
binaries that have more dependencies than those that already required by
the libraries.
Those binaries should probably not be part of the library package, but
split into a seperate one to reduce the additional dependencies for
other users of this library.

I guess the warning is caused by the package name being librep as the
versioned package is build from the sources and has the name librep16

Since I want to submit the package into factory, are these warnings
false positives, as I hope them to be ? Or if not any help is appreciated


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