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Re: [opensuse-packaging] setting a system variable and compiler options
El 24/10/12 15:39, Denny Beyer escribió:
Dear all,

I could use some input for a progam I packaging at the moment, which requires
two system variables to run.

1. path to binaries
The documentation says, that /usr/local/program/bin/ needs to be in the PATH -
That shouldn't be needed, if those binaries are installed into "/usr/bin" by
the package.


2. path to libraries
Looks like this is needed:
MYLIBPATHVAR is required to point to the library of the program in
"/usr/lib/program/lib/" or "/usr/share/program/lib/"
How do I introduce a new system wide environment variable - available for all

You don't, the program must known where to find its stuff.

3. Compiler options for optimization
to improve the performance of the program, the compiler could get some
performance settings like
-O3 -mtune=corei7 -march=corei7
etc. to get the full capability for calculations (sse4.2).
How does that effect the packaging? Do I need to splitt off a -SSE3/4 package
and how does that work?

In the ideal world.. using BuildArch: corei7 in the spec file. However I do not think that will work currently.

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