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[opensuse-packaging] Are there any plans to shrink the image size, so the iso image can be placed onto dvd media
It looks like the size of the dvd builds are increasing, for example:

4693426176 Oct 10 02:20 openSUSE-DVD-Build0050-x86_64.iso
4722786304 Oct 11 03:05 openSUSE-DVD-x86_64-Build0061-Media.iso
4713349120 Oct 12 03:13 openSUSE-DVD-x86_64-Build0066-Media.iso

The later builds I had trouble burning to dvd, example:
# wodim -v -dao dev=/dev/sr0 driveropts=burnfree
TOC Type: 1 = CD-ROM
scsidev: '/dev/sr0'
devname: '/dev/sr0'
scsibus: -2 target: -2 lun: -2
Linux sg driver version: 3.5.27
Wodim version: 1.1.11
Driveropts: 'burnfree'
SCSI buffer size: 64512
Device type : Removable CD-ROM
Version : 5
Response Format: 2
Capabilities :
Vendor_info : 'TSSTcorp'
Identification : 'CDDVDW TS-L633C '
Revision : 'AS01'
Device seems to be: Generic mmc2 DVD-R/DVD-RW.
Current: 0x0011 (DVD-R sequential recording)
Profile: 0x0015 (DVD-R/DL sequential recording)
Profile: 0x0016 (DVD-R/DL layer jump recording)
Profile: 0x002B (DVD+R/DL)
Profile: 0x001B (DVD+R)
Profile: 0x001A (DVD+RW)
Profile: 0x0014 (DVD-RW sequential recording)
Profile: 0x0013 (DVD-RW restricted overwrite)
Profile: 0x0012 (DVD-RAM)
Profile: 0x0011 (DVD-R sequential recording) (current)
Profile: 0x0010 (DVD-ROM)
Profile: 0x000A (CD-RW)
Profile: 0x0009 (CD-R)
Profile: 0x0008 (CD-ROM)
Profile: 0x0002 (Removable disk)
Using generic SCSI-3/mmc DVD-R(W) driver (mmc_mdvd).
Supported modes: PACKET SAO
Drive buf size : 1406976 = 1374 KB
Beginning DMA speed test. Set CDR_NODMATEST environment variable if device
communication breaks or freezes immediately after that.
FIFO size : 12582912 = 12288 KB
Track 01: data 4495 MB
Total size: 5162 MB (511:25.86) = 2301440 sectors
Lout start: 5162 MB (511:27/65) = 2301440 sectors
Current Secsize: 2048
HINT: use dvd+rw-mediainfo from dvd+rw-tools for information extraction.
Blocks total: 2298496 Blocks current: 2298496 Blocks remaining: -2944
wodim: WARNING: Data may not fit on current disk.
wodim: Notice: Most recorders cannot write CD's >= 90 minutes.
wodim: Notice: Use -ignsize option to allow >= 90 minutes.
wodim: Notice: Use -overburn option to write more than the official disk
wodim: Notice: Most CD-writers do overburning only on SAO or RAW mode.

Are there any plans to shrink the image size, so the iso image can be
placed onto dvd media ?
Thanks Glenn
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