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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Opinions about OBS notifications
This thread motivated me to try hermes again. I don't remember what
has changed, but the last time I tried to use hermes back in 2010 or
2011, I was unable to login, which was why I took a step back and
tried to read the docs first. (In retrospect, it might have been one
of those days where the openSUSE/Novell SSO didn't work.)
This time, I was able to login and it all worked as expected, so I
didn't even try to re-read the docs. So let me answer these questions

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 3:07 PM, Christopher Hofmann <cwh@xxxxxxx> wrote:

So a loose collection of questions might be:
Do you know the different ways of being notified (email, RSS, twitter)?

Yes. (From within hermes, mail and RSS is hard to overlook.) No idea
how to find/enable/use the twitter option, though.

Do you use other channels than email?


Do you know the configuration interface ?


Do you use it? means: did you ever tweak params there?


Is it intuitive to use?

1.) I'm unsure if the empty table fields mean those rows belong to the
same "topic" as the line(s) above it (ex: Build Failure/My Packages,
OBS Request Change/My created requests). (I am no designer, but maybe
the separating line shouldn't be visible in that case.)
2.) I don't feel like I understand the expert mode entirely, I believe
I need to have a deeper understanding of the OBS API or administrative
side of the OBS.

Did you ever use the expert mode?
Is the expert mode intuitive to use?

Are you missing features?

Is it working as you expected? (Except of things already known as bugs.)

I was suprised to see that I receive one mail per
(repository/rpm/binary lingo) "package" per distro ... in the default
setting, I expected one mail per (obs/source lingo) "package". But
that's a minor problem and I assume I can change it via the digest

Kind regards
686f6c6d / Christopher 'm4z' Holm
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