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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Opinions about OBS notifications

Am Montag, 16. Juli 2012 schrieb Christopher Hofmann:
Do you know the different ways of being notified (email, RSS,

I know mail and RSS, but I use only mails.

Do you use other channels than email?

- RSS doesn't change much - except that I see the notifications in
Akregator instead of KMail ;-) (and RSS might loose old notifications
if you don't check often enough - that doesn't happen with mail)
- I don't use twitter, and I'm not sure if I like the idea of hermes
messaging me (public?) on twitter "hey Christian, you just broke the
build of $package!" ;-)

Do you know the configuration interface ?


Do you use it? means: did you ever tweak params there?
Is it intuitive to use?

yes and yes

Did you ever use the expert mode?


Is the expert mode intuitive to use?

The expert mode is, well, for experts ;-) - so I tend to answer the
question with "not really".

The biggest problem is that there's no documentation for the available
filter parameters. Maybe some parameters are easy to understand, but
many others are quite non-intuitive.

Maybe displaying some example events/messages (in a parameter/value
table) when creating or editing a filter would be helpful to ensure
people can create working filter conditions. This table could also
include the parameter description.

To give you an example: If I create or edit an "OBS Request accepted"
notification, the example table would look like that:

*parameter* *example value* *description*
rm ??? ???
_type ??? ???
id 1234 ID of the submit request
source package apparmor Package name in source project
source project home:cboltz Source project
source revision 42 Revision in source project

Yes, this has to be done for every notification type, and doing the
initial round might be painful ;-) - but having such integrated
documentation is worth it IMHO, and in the future you only have to do it
for newly added notification types.

Some of the descriptions in my example might sound obvious, but
a) there are more obscure parameters which are less obvious and
b) not everybody knows OBS, submit requests etc. like his pocket ;-)

Are you missing features?

The expert mode should have a flag so that you can see what are default
subscriptions and what are "real" expert subscriptions in the overview

The grouping of digest mails could be better - for example, if a package
fails to build for multiple targets, this could be merged to one section
in the mail listing all targets.

Oh, and my favorite (and not new) feature request - the hermes mails
should be GPG-signed.
The reason for this request is simple - most hermes mails contain
copy&paste-ready sniplets ("run osc rq accept 12345"). I'm quite sure
that people could be tricked by faked hermes mails to run any command
(maybe even the beloved rm -rf if it is hidden in the middle of another
command) because they are used to copy&paste commands from hermes mails.

Is it working as you expected? (Except of things already known as

I hope so - at least (I think) I received the notifications I
expected ;-)


Christian Boltz
Ich hatte hatte wohl in einem *spät-nach-mitternächtlichen*
Sicherheitswahn alle Files in /bin auf 700 root:root gesetzt.
[denkt euch hier eines dieser smileys das mit dem kopf gegen
die Wand hämmert] [Maik Bader in suse-linux]

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