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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Why package builds for Factory but fails for 12.2?
  • From: "Křištof Želechovski" <yecril71pl@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2012 19:00:35 +0200
  • Message-id: <67082892.bSrrcBBTNs@ne-1-26>
Dnia piątek, 6 lipca 2012 14:00:35 Dimstar / Dominique Leuenberger pisze:
On Fri, 2012-07-06 at 15:50 +0400, Ilya Chernykh wrote:
This file is a part of libdar-devel package :-/

I wonder why it is broken only in 12.2

Possibly I have to file a bug report?

That sounds like the right thing to do...

Generally, it seems to be an issue in this part in in libdar

In the future, precede such quotations thus:

Warning, deeply disgusting content follows. Sensitive people are advised to
skip this part.

Or maybe ROT13 it too.


mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(pkgincludedir)
cp ../../config.h $(DESTDIR)$(pkgincludedir)
sed -e 's%../config.h%config.h%g' ../my_config.h | sed -e 's%
HAVE_CONFIG_H%1%g' > ./my_config.h
cp ../gettext.h .
for file in $(dist_noinst_DATA) gettext.h my_config.h ; do sed
-e 's%#include \"../my_config.h\"%INC_MY_CONFIG_FILE_H%g' "$$file" | sed
-e "s%#include \"%#include \"$(pkgincludedir)/%g" | sed -e "s%
INC_MY_CONFIG_FILE_H%#include \"$(pkgincludedir)/my_config.h\"%g" >
$(DESTDIR)$(pkgincludedir)/"$$file" ; done

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