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[opensuse-packaging] Could we decide on an official policy about pkgconfig() style BuildRequires?
On 3 July 2012 16:27, Peter Linnell <plinnell@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Christian,

This all looks good, but can you revert the pkgconfig stuff, so it will
build at least on SLES11 SP2 ?

I'd prefer not to break this unessecarily on the lates SLE.



On 07/02/2012 02:23 PM, christian.morales.vega@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

home:RedDwarf:branches:network:utilities/aria2-parts ->

pkg-config()-style dependencies

- Cross-distro compatibility
- Immune to package renames and splits (and someday someone is going
to decide splitting libqt4-devel is a good idea...)

- They don't work with SLE and Evergreen

Could we decide on an official policy about this?

My vote is for:
a) Prefer the use of pkgconfig() dependencies
b) If compatibility with old distributions is desired do the changes
in the old distributions

For 'b' we would advance a lot if for SLE the OBS would use the
implicit rule "Substitute: pkgconfig(X) X-devel" if no explicit
Substitute is available. The rest could be added manually, preferably
in the prjconf of the main SUSE:SLE-11:SP2 project so devel projects
don't need to duplicate the work.

p.s: Suse, please, if you are going to release a SP3 add pkg-config to
your build environment and patch your RPM to add the pkgconfig()
Provides. Another patch to add %make_install would also be welcomed.
It's not like anything is going to break because of this.
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