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Re: [opensuse-packaging]
On 03/07/2012 05:27 AM, Marguerite Su wrote:
Hi, all,

(I don't know if it's right to post it here, but I think it must be
someone among us who wrote the wiki page)

This is the right list or opensuse-buildservice. I bet most people are subscribed to both.

I'm translating specfile_guide wiki to Chinese. But I can't understand
the following:

"If the spec file contains conditional dependencies selected based on
presence of optional --with(out) foo arguments to rpmbuild, build the
source RPM to be submitted with the default options, ie. so that none
of these arguments are present in the rpmbuild command line. The
reason is that those requirements get "serialized" into the resulting
source RPM, ie. the conditionals no longer apply."

it seems initial writer copied it from Fedora. can anyone help me
understanding this?

#1 I know what conditional dependencies are.

#2 “build the source RPM to be submitted" why build before submission?
if builds locally, why submit the SRPM instead of the whole project?

#3 "are presented in the rpmbuild command line" where the rpmbuild
command line is? I never see them on OBS, although I know I can "rpm
-ba *.spec --with condition 1 --without condition 2"

#4 I can't understand the sentence from "the reason" to the end.

Can anyone give me some hints? or a plain English example?

For OBS this is actually superfluous as you cannot run rpmbuild --ba --with-conditional

All conditionals need to be specified inside the spec file on OBS as far as I am aware.

The wiki text needs a clean-up for sure and it is more Fedora/Redhat or even Jpackage specific.

Hope that helps to clarify.

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