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Re: [opensuse-packaging] PHP application packaging

Am 12.02.2012 23:07, schrieb Christian:

Am 12.02.2012 21:12, schrieb Ralf Lang:
I would prefer to have it under /srv/www/{name} and deliver a useful

That is how it's done now and I'm going to keep it until we have rules
for consistency reasons.

For example it uses mod_rewrite wich is AFAIK not part of the default
Apache config in openSUSE.
So by using "a2enmod rewrite" in %post I could make sure it's enabled
but not sure if we want that automatism?

I'm unsure on this and open for community decision. Does openSUSE
usually enable apache modules when they are installed? With the horde
stuff, I don't explicitly activate any apache modules. I am not even
sure we should assume that users use apache2 and not lighttpd.
I think you "should" add this to %post. Just have a look at some
Apache_Modules. There it is done, too.

I'll look into it.

Should apps be enabled with their installation or via server

If you ask me, they should only be accessible from localhost by

Good point.
I'll consider this.
Hmm, why do you want to install a "webmailer" that is only accessible
from localhost ?
I can understand this for postfix but not for a webmailer.
FMPOV, installing, (starting), accessing via web and configuring via
web, happy :)

The reason is that just because a package is installed it should
probably not open up something. It's no service to be enabled so as soon
as someone installs the package and has Apache running (and actually
reloads the Apache config but this is a minor detail) the app would be
accessible from outside if no further step to actually enable it would
be needed.
So either make it only accessible from localhost or make sure that some
switch needs to be toggled to enable it (like server flags as used for
mailman and ssl for example.

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