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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Breaking the loop with pkg-config 0.26
Le jeudi 12 janvier 2012, à 10:31 +0100, Richard Guenther a écrit :
On Thu, 12 Jan 2012, Vincent Untz wrote:

Le jeudi 12 janvier 2012, à 09:05 +0100, Ludwig Nussel a écrit :
Vincent Untz wrote:
The issue here is that to fix the loop, we'd need to eradicate the
pkg-config dependency on everything that is below glib2. This includes
at least libffi-devel, libselinux-devel, pcre-devel and zlib-devel. And
libraries that might be below those.

This sounds annoying, as it's easy to re-introduce a build loop. On the
other hand, I don't really see what else we can do.

Would it be possible to build a special, minimal bootstrap glib that
is only used for building pkg-config?
A trick like that is used by other packages too (krb5-mini,
ghostscript-mini, etc ...).

Actually, we could do this with pkg-config, and that would be similar to
the idea I had a few months ago: just keep the old pkg-config as
pkg-config-mini, and use this one for libffi, zlib, etc.

Why not provide the ability do to the Requires/Provides detection
without requiring an installed pkg-config? It looks doable even
with a shell script!

We could do that, yes. Michael, do you think this could go upstream if
we do it?

Anyway, that pkg-config uses glib sounds totally useless to me,
given its simple tasks. So why not rip out that requirement from

Because upstream wants to use glib...


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