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Re: Re: [opensuse-packaging] Chromium package in openSUSE releases
On 11/24/2011 at 01:49 PM, in
<3128449.01oD2kAFK0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Raymond
<tittiatcoke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Out-of-the-box (probably bikesheddy)
suggestion. Why should we build chrome
by ourselves at all ? We do not have any patches made from SUSE for chromium

which will be in upstream only in future releases (say like the Kernel). We
can just get the latest Chrome for openSUSE from

Correct that we do not have any patches from ourselves, however in the past
needed to build it ourselves in order to prevent strange dependencies on non-
existing packages or packageversions.

Also we have changed the build process to take into account system libraries

that are normally already installed on the system (e.g. zlib, jpeg, etc )
way Chromium would be better integrated.

ah okay. But do you think it will be better if we just work with the chrome
engineers who are responsible for openSUSE builds ? Since they already make
seperate packages for openSUSE (instead of a generic linux rpm) they may be
interested in optimizing things.

Thanks for your explanation.


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