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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Chromium package in openSUSE releases
Out-of-the-box (probably bikesheddy) suggestion. Why should we build chrome by
ourselves at all ? We do not have any patches made from SUSE for chromium which
will be in upstream only in future releases (say like the Kernel). We can just
get the latest Chrome for openSUSE from

Chrome project already gives 32-bit and 64-bit dev and beta builds for openSUSE
(and fedora). We can just work with those chrome packagers instead of building
it ourselves. I see no benefit in building chrome by ourselves. If we are
paranoid about chrome recording few things that we do, we should ideally use a
different browser, like Firefox


On 11/23/2011 at 11:40 PM, in message
<4430597.lteV4vvxfT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Raymond Wooninck
<tittiatcoke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
With openSUSE 12.1 the Chromium browser became part of the openSUSE release,
after spending quite some time in the openSUSE:<release>:Contrib

Unfortunately a bug report was created (bnc#731832), where an user complains

that openSUSE is releasing an alpha version of the Chromium browser and that

this should be a stable version. It seems that the reporter bases his
statement on the fact how Ubuntu, Archlinux and Debian are handling the
Chromium browser. This seems to be complete based on the Chrome browser.

I did some digging of my own and I found the following webpage that explains

the release management behind Chrome and Chromium

Half way the page is the following indicated: "I (the author, an Ubuntu
packager) said in the introduction that there is no such thing upstream.
have enough in their plate with just Chrome. So it is up to each downstream
distribution to decide what is best for its users."

So officially there are no alpha, beta or stable versions of Chromium and it

is up to each dsitribution to decide what they want to ship. For openSUSE
it is too late to change anything here as that this would mean that existing

users might experience loss-of-data as that their profiles are not compatible
with lower versions of Chromium. However for the upcoming 12.2 release there

is still time to decide which way openSUSE wants to go. At this moment I see

three possibilities:

1) Keep things the way they are. Chromium will be updated regularly to the
latest available version. No change from the current procedure

2) openSUSE will use the Chrome release management and the Chromium
will be frozen until the Stable version has reached the current version of
Chromium. Then this is the package that will be maintained from that moment

3) We have a mixture of the above. In the Chromium devel-project
(network:chromium), two packages are maintained. The first package chromium
will follow the stable releases and a second package chromium-unstable will
follow the current procedure and gets a weekly update. However the chromium-
unstable package will never be submitted to Factory.

Before making m choice in what to provide, I would like to have your
on how to continue this. Honestly speaking I do not like option 3 as that
would mean double the work for me, but it is a possibility.



Raymond (tittiatcoke)

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