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[opensuse-packaging] Killing processes in %post?

I'm wondering if it's fine to kill processes in %post. Obviously, it
should be avoided in general, but I'm faced with a case where it could
be appropriate.

Here's some bits from the NEWS file in dconf 0.9:

There has been an extremely minor incompatible change in the D-Bus API
of dconf this release. From a practical standpoint, this change will
have no effect. However, it serves as a reminder that the dconf D-Bus
API is private and can change from version to version (and will likely
change in the future).

As such, it is appropriate for those packaging dconf to kill all running
instances of dconf ('killall dconf-service') as part of their postinst
for the package. It will be dbus-activated again on the next use.

How do people feel about this?


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