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Re: [opensuse-packaging] OBS corrupts tarballs on downloading
On Thursday 16 June 2011 19:39:23 Stephan Kulow wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011, 16:58:52 schrieb Ilya Chernykh:
On Thursday 16 June 2011 18:57:04 Michael Matz wrote:
Download these files and try to extract them:

Completely fine gzipped tarballs. They are served with
application/octet-stream instead of application/x-tgz, so possibly your
clients don't detect the filetype automatically. That doesn't mean the
files are corrupt. Save them locally and you can unpack them.

Download them, save locally and try to open.

Just as Adrian and Michael, they work great for me. If you tried several ways
to open them locally I would look sharply at your proxy.

coolo@xanthippe#tmp>md5sum kwlaninfo-0.9.5.tgz
b1d71f0a9ae2372ab5ff93e1f1116640 kwlaninfo-0.9.5.tgz

After downloading the tarball from OBS:

anixx@anixx-desktop:~> md5sum '/home/anixx/Desktop/kwlaninfo-0.9.5.tgz'
c3d188370579454bbe82ad13d70ee5a3 /home/anixx/Desktop/kwlaninfo-0.9.5.tgz

original tarball before uploading:

anixx@anixx-desktop:~> md5sum '/home/anixx/Desktop/kwlaninfo-0.9.5.tgz'
b1d71f0a9ae2372ab5ff93e1f1116640 /home/anixx/Desktop/kwlaninfo-0.9.5.tgz

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