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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Valid Category for astrology program
On Friday, February 25, 2011 07:36:19 pm Paul Elliott wrote:
It is not, as main purpose is not creating or editing graphics.
I would be first to complain about bad categorization if it would be
found there.

The major output of most astrology programs is various kinds of
chartwheels which is an highly specific form of graphical output.

It is so with any GUI application. They all give application specific graphic
output, but that doesn't make them graphic applications in sense of package

I would consider Productivity/Other as the category.
It is much closer to what program does to those that will use it, and I don't
think it should create complaints as it will education/astronomy.

Astronomy can be thankful to astrology as many donations that allowed
development of science came from people that wanted better astrological
predictions, but besides interest in positions of the planets there is no much
similarity between the two.

Some people take astrology very seriously investing money based on
astrological calculations. You may disagree with them, (and even think them
fools, (and they probably share the sentiment about you,)) but for these
people astrology is not an amusement.

Those that use astrological predictions as base for business still make their
own decisions, but with help of astrology. In reality it is nothing more then
psychological aid, and as such it is important to those that need it. People
that criticize astrology almost never consider this aspect.

Personalities that tend to give up on rational analysis too early when a
complex problem has no single, or easy visible solution, need aid to think all
the way trough. Which kind of aid will be used depends on circumstances,
personal experience and education, but astrology is not the single available

How it helps?
Astrology is based on 2 premises, every event is predictable and one can see
that in the stars. This gives some people needed strength to analyze more with
basic premise that all is determined and it forces thinking about the problem
from different perspective in order to interpret symbols and vague statements
that can be found in prediction, which is the why it actually helps.

So, I don't find astrology as useless, but it is not a science.
It is more a productivity aid, ditto my proposal for category
Productivity/Other .

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