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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Need help with python module
On Thu, 17 Feb 2011, Philipp Thomas wrote:

* Kyrill Detinov (lazy.kent@xxxxxxxxxxxx) [20110215 12:48]:

I see a lot of errors from /usr/include/unicode/calendar.h. Isn't there
anything wrong in libicu-devel-4.4.2? Or I missing something?

Something is wrong indeed, the question is where. If you add -save-temps to
the compiler flags you will see:

enum EDateFields {

"Sep 03 2010", /* Should be DATE */

So what was supposed to be the name of an enum value gets expanded to a date
string and it's pyconfig.h from python2.7 that defines DATE as a string.
Undefining DATE in common.h before the inclusion of calendar.h fixes this.

There was also another bug in _icu.cpp that I fixed also. With these two
patches python-ICU builds for factory. I'v created a SR for this.

Hopefully a SR to fix pyconfig.h to not define DATE (WTF!? Packages
are still shipping their config.h as generated from autoconf!?)


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