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Re: [opensuse-packaging] openSUSE Build Service python3
On 02/11/2011 12:28 AM, Dave Plater wrote:
Hi, is python3 includes being installed under "/usr/include/python3.2m"
permanent? Although python3-config gives the correct -I flag the macro I
was using in blender does this :
python3 -c "import sys; v=sys.version_info[:2]; print('%d.%d'%v)"
2>/dev/null || echo PYTHON-NOT-FOUND

I use the %{python3_incdir} macro, which expands to
%{python3_prefix}/include/python%{python3_ver}, to specify the python3
includes in blender. The blender people use an internal python3 3.2
which makes my specifying the include path necessary.
So far this only happens with my 11.3 build which is the only build that
uses a linked devel:languages:python:Factory python3. I've also noticed
your link from devel:languages:python to devel:languages:python:Factory
python3 is broken and although devel:languages:python:Factory python3 is
supposed to be the devel project, there's no factory link there either.

I've put in a conditional for 11.3 to use a literal version 3.2m but
this is most probably going to factory or should I use a different
python3 for builds that target 11.4?
I've copied (and maybe altered) the macros from the packaging python wiki.
I've thought of a workaround while typing : "python3-config --abiflags"
gives the "m" so if this is the shape of things to come, I can append
that to the macro %{python3_ver} known as %{py3_ver} in macros/python3?
I've looked in "macros.python3" and the macro %{py3_ver} looks the same
as the %{python3_ver} I've used.
All of this just to ask the question, is the output of "python3-config
--abiflags" always going to be appended to "%py3_ver"?

Dave P

Amazing how when you ask for help you can even help yourself. I came up
with a %{python3_incdir} macro that works (as long as the abi flags are
used) :
%global py3_abi_kind %(python3-config --abiflags)
%global python3_ver %(python3 -c "import sys; v=sys.version_info[:2];
print('%%d.%%d'%%v)" 2>/dev/null || echo PYTHON-NOT-FOUND)
%global python3_incdir

I tried %py3_ver but there's a typo in macros.python3 it begins with ->
"%(python -c "import sys;" note the lack of "3" in python3, I wondered
why it gave "2.6" as the version number. I think that's what I changed
before, can't remember.

Dave P
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