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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Need help with libname.
On 02/09/2011 07:05 PM, Philipp Thomas wrote:
* Philipp Thomas (pth@xxxxxxx) [20110209 15:32]:

I'm finishing a patch that uses -release.

Which I did plus a few additional patches. Although I do have check-in
rights for multimedia:libs I'm leaving it for you to approve. Note that
there is a bug in mplex/ that the compiler warns about and that
you'll see reported at the end of a build. The code in question is in

bool CmdLineMultiplexJob::ParseWorkaroundOpt( const char *optarg )
char *endptr, *startptr;
endptr = const_cast<char *>(optarg);
struct { const char *longname; char shortname; bool *flag; }
flag_table[] =
{ 0, '\0', 0 }

if( flag_table[flag].longname == 0 )
std::string message( "Illegal work-around option: not one of ");
flag = 0;
char sep[] = ",";
message += flag_table[flag].longname;
message += sep;
message += flag_table[flag].shortname;
if( flag_table[flag].longname != 0 )
message += sep;

and that last access to flag_table[flag].longname does AFAICS point to junk
on the stack. Please rteport this upstream and ask them how this was
intended to work as I don't see the logic and don't have the time to figure
it out.


That was 1.9.0 which I actually copied from 11.3 update. Now for 2.0.0rc1.
Dave P
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