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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Need help with libname.
* Dave Plater (davejplater@xxxxxxxxx) [20110206 22:55]:

The isn't that big, I've been reading and comparing with
the libtool website and I suspect the developer did something in good
faith but used the wrong macro.

Found it! ;-) Something in that way. The error is that has:


While initializing LT_RELEASE works this way, the initialisation of the
other variables does not work and they all get initialised to '0' as you can
see in the generated Makefile. But even if all worked the error is in using
all the variables (and IMO in using the variables at all).

The author(s) should decide on which way to version the libraries. Either
make the libraries binary incompatible and use '-release' in AM_LDFLAGS (or
set LT_RELEASE) or decide to care for binary compatibility and follow
libtools versioning scheme documented in '(
versioning'. That would mean that the libraries have versions differing
from the main package but would IMNSHO be the best solution.

I'm trying to come up with a patch that does "The Right Thing"(tm) ;-)

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