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[opensuse-packaging] devel:languages:go - goinstall
Besides compilers, linkers etc, the core Go[1] toolchain has several utility
applications bundled with it. One of these is an app called goinstall[2] which
facilitates the download, compilation and installation of third party
libraries written in Go.

Currently this utility doesn't work very well in the Go package[3] we are
working on for the following reasons:

1) It scans the third party source for "Import" statements and treats these
as hard dependancies which it will try to install first(from source). At
the moment this includes any imports of any of the standard go libraries
and looks for the source files. Although we have the goinstall utility in
the main Go package, we don't install the standard library source by

Our Go package currently only installs the library sources either from
the .srpm or from the go-doc package (because the godoc utility
replicates and generates API docs on the fly from the

2) The goinstall utility is currently installed to /usr/bin (undesirable)

It is desireable to have the goinstall utility working well as part of the
core Go package, because we currently don't, and cannot, package all the third
party libs; although I fully intend to grow the list of popular libs that we
do package.

Aside from hacking on the goinstall tool to improve it. I'd like to tweak the
core Go package some more to make the goinstall tool work well in it's current
form so I'd appreciate some feedback on which of the following options would
be the most appropriate.

1) Add a "go-devel" to the .spec and bundle the standard library sources &
the goinstall tool in this sub package.


Install the standard library sources with the main Go package.

2) Install "goinstall" binary to /usr/sbin or /usr/local/sbin


Leave it installed to /usr/bin because Go hackers may optionally have
$GOROOT exported to a location in their $HOME.


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- Christopher Hitchens
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