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[opensuse-packaging] New packages (must be in 11.4 or a lot of users will be disappointed) slv2 and lv2core to enable the LV2 plugin system.
The two new packages, that I had ready two weeks ago but for
libredland-python bindings being needed for lv2config which isn't even
needed by others to build so far they use the pkg-config .pc.
I became aware of the need for LV2 from this private email on new years
day :
I am using your Ardour-2.8.11-24.36.x86_64.rpm.
Ardour can't find LV2 plugins
Can you make it with LV2 enabled for opensuse 11.3 x86_64

Anton vd Haterd

Both packages are in multimedia:libs.
It wasn't a simple task to enable because I had to hunt down and create
slv2 which needs lv2core, the base LV2 package to build. I've since
discovered other multimedia packages that use this simple and easy to
use plugin system, which it turns out is not limited to audio, the
latest being "gstreamer-0_10-plugins-bad".
The lv2core package is entirely a devel package with the lv2config being
python, using redland python bindings, I'm relying on X11:common:Factory
to get the updated redland package into factory
(Vincent if you have any influence can you please help that? sr#59432 ).
Taken from the header of lvconfig (this also explains the author and
license, slv2 is GPLv2+) :

"""A program (and Python module) to generate a tree of symlinks to LV2
extension bundles, where the path of the symlink corresponds to the URI of
the extension. This allows including extension headers in code without
the bundle name. Including extension headers in this way is much better,
since there is no dependency on the (meaningless and non-persistent) bundle
name in the code using the header.

For example, after running lv2config (and setting the compiler include
path appropriately), LV2 headers could be included like so:

#include "lv2/"
#include "lv2/"
#include "lv2/"

Where the initial "lv2" is arbitrary; in this case lv2config's output
directory was "lv2", and that directory's parent was added to the compiler
include search path. It is a good idea to use such a prefix directory so
domain names do not conflict with anything else in the include path.

__authors__ = 'David Robillard'
__license = 'GNU GPL v3 or later <>'
__contact__ = 'devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
__date__ = '2010-10-05'

The slv2 package is a helper package for lv2core.
Pasted from :
SLV2 is a library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible
for applications.

SLV2 is free software (GPL v2 or later) written in C99 using the Redland
RDF toolkit, and is known to work on GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.

SLV2 documentation is installed as standard UNIX man pages, see man slv2

HTML Documentation can be built from the source distribution using ./waf
configure --build-docs, or you can browse documentation online.

SLV2 is well-tested software, the included test suite consists of 255
tests with over 90% code coverage.
Please file any bugs you find here

I will post the submit requests numbers when I've completed them.
Thanks in advance. (I've mentioned in past emails about not being paid
well having these packages accepted to 11.4 will be payment enough.)
Now I must get back to getting multimediaa;libs and then apps up to date
and in good condition for 11.4, as I did with 11.3 although then I could
only just spell packager now I are one.

Dave Plater
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