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[opensuse-packaging] [python] fixing "no module named" (and packaging modules properly)
  • From: Jan Matejek <jan.matejek@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 18:04:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <hal2hr$vbh$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dear fellow packagers,

since our switch to noarch-capable python, a number of bugs for
arch-dependent python module packages have popped up, where some module
can't be imported even though it seems to be installed properly.

Root cause of those bugs is common to all of them: half of the files are
installed in platform-independent /usr/lib dir, while the other half
goes into /usr/lib64 (on 64bits only, of course), causing all sorts of

That is Bad Style (tm). Don't do it.

in short:

Fix your package so that it goes either into /usr/lib (in which case it
should be noarch too), or into /usr/lib64. The bug will then go away.

long version:

In Python, the arch-independence is on a per-module level. Either the
whole module is arch-independent, then it belongs to %python_sitelib, or
some of it is arch-dependent and then the whole module belongs to

Historically, sitelib and sitearch were in the same directory. Now that
they are separate, two classes of problems have arisen.

One, many python modules depend on being installed within a single
directory. Sometimes explicitly and sometimes they make the assumption
in some not-really-trivial way.
There is even a feature called "relative imports" that relies on the
fact that a whole module is installed in a single directory.

Two, sometimes modules are not installed on python search path. Python
doesn't search subdirectories automatically, so modules from e.g.
%python_sitearch/gtk-2.0 can't be imported, even though modules from
%python_sitearch itself can. For that reason, such module often installs
a file.pth pointing to its directory. When python finds something.pth on
its search path, it appends all directories listed in that file to the
search path.
Some packages install into two different locations but use only one pth
file pointing into only one of them. Why is that a problem is left as an
exercise for the reader.

Distutils know all this and do the right thing, unless your upstream is
extremely clever and installs two separate modules (wxGTK) or beats
distutils into submission (egenix-mx-base).
Also, prusnak volunteered and checked all packages in d:l:py that don't
use --record-rpm, and they are all OK.

hope this helps


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